germany, sisters

Giving up our pets.

I hate being the one who has to do this, but our financial situation is such, I have to find a home for the cats.  Contact me if you know of anyone who would like a mature cat. Thanks to all in advance.   Maurine

Maggie May 11yrsToby, approx 12yrsMaggie May, 11yrsMisty Meaner, 13 years old.

germany, sisters

With Dann and the Cats, 24/7

 We are waiting for an apartment and that has us in limbo. The first week wasn't so bad when we had the expectation of moving into a place right away. But the delay has made soured everything. The routine is to assemble a bed to sleep on in the evening, and secure the cats. Then it's fold and store everything in the morning, pack the van, put the cats in carriers and basically pick up our foot prints and take them with us.

The San  Jose bibloteca is interested in Dann and I teaching a cartooning class. That will be mostly Dann. I'm still teaching and helping the kids at the Ark. They are so much fun and great to work with.

Got a call from two recruiters. They seem up-beat and positive.

Things will change. It's a guarantee.
germany, sisters

Home for the Cats...Home for People.

Hard choices. Toby, Misty and Maggie will be needing homes. I can only have one of them where we are going. 

It looks like Mason and I will be sharing an apartment. Dann has a little more to do before he can get into one. We have to be completely out by the 30th.

In the mean time. We have a bunch of stuff, like office work tables and stuff to just put out on the lawn for the first come give away.
Give me a call if there is anything specific.
germany, sisters

I've been nominated for a Hugo award...Best Fan Artist.

Don't know what to do with myself. I'm so geeked.

This is a testimony to keeping busy while dealing with unemployment. Volunteer work does seem to pay off. If anything it keeps you involved with your craft. I have to say that 90% of this is Chris Garcia's fault. He trusted me to do weird and eclectic stuff for the Drink Tank and ...I did. Still am. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have met James Bacon and a host of other folk from Corflu. Thanks Chris. And no way did I forget the best group of goobers in fandom, the Bay Area Science Fiction Association (BASFA).

This nomination dosen't mean I've won a Hugo. That comes later in Reno, if I'm lucky.  As far as I'm concerned, I've won the best thing ever and that's being able to attend a Worldcon where I can meet and talk to the biggest collection of  writers, artists and creative people in Science Fiction.
Thanks everyone.