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Web comics...

So, all of you who read web comics...
Which are your favorite?

Tell me why you read them, follow them and like them. Oh, and please provide a link so I can take a look at them too.


Writer's Block: The winning ticket

What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?

First thing would be a tithe. I know it sounds weird. But I believe in the principle of Tithing.

The Closer

Yahoo has an ad for TNT's The Closer,  pop up when it asks for your password to get into your mail. I loathe it. Why? Because the hair and the little red dress has been photoshoped into fantastic proportions. The actress is slim. But the picture is enhanced just enough to the point before becoming alien. Her body is on display to the viewer. She squiggles in a sexy S curve, butting up to an enlarged handcuff. Her Farrah Fawcett-esk hairdo extends like open arms inviting the viewer to play on a sadomasochistic swing.  Of course her hands grip the sides of the cuff  to show she's in control.

This isn't about Kyra Sedgwick or her acting ability. Seriously, this is about using an actor as a prop for 'branding'. It's obvous when you go to the official website. The actress is shot surrounded by men, all somber, all in black and she is always depicted in red. This balances out the red logo. I would have samples to show, but I'm not going to get into any copy right hassels even if it's for educational purposes. Just go to the website or the next time you need to log onto Yahoo and try to imagine what the impact would be if her clothes were  a different color. http://www.tnt.tv/series/closer/

Now I've read some good stuff about the show and if it's the critical acclaimed thing it's supposed to be, why not have a little more of that shown in the promos? I find the promos as is, a disservice to women, actors and the real police out there. Come on guys, you can do better at selling this stuff.

Trickster gods. Ramblings

I'm always intrigued when a person proudly announces they are aligning him/her self  with a trickster god.  From what I've read about them, Monkey, Loki, Raven, Coyote, Fox, Mercury, Enki and Spider...they arn't the sort of beings I would want to notice me or call on for help if  I  could avoid it. Absolutely.

While I lived in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to meet a number of colorful people. All with mob ties, all really nice guys. One thing I realized early on, was you never asked them for favors. It was always best to stir clear of their business. They were 'real' mischief makers with their own set of rules and etiquette. So, is it really that different from a real life, bad association with all the very real dangers attached to it and a metaphorical one?  It's messing with your mind..

I would think these gods don't need friends or admirers. They would only be impressed by those who could match wits with them on some level. Then they would want to mess with the poor sap until he broke. They don't have any obligation to meet your expectations.

Greetings from Clayton, New Mexico

It's cold and windy. A whole other planet!
I know now why I'm a Californian.Happy is a wide spot in the road.

Collective intelligence in small teams

The best line is;

"Teams containing more women demonstrated greater social sensitivity and in turn collective intelligence, compared to teams containing fewer women."


Wonder Woman!

Some days you just have to draw a super hero. I like Wonder Woman. This was a good two hours of fun.

We have this revolving darkroom door. It's a little dirty, but will clean up nice.
I checked on line and saw it listed for 750 dollars. But I'm willing to give it away for free to whoever needs it.
Let me know.

Here is what it looks like;

Revolving Darkroom door...

Chocolate Texture Map_Tutorial.

Chocolate Texture Map_Tutorial.

My bestest friend, Mark Johnson put together this neat tutorial on how to make a chocolate texture. I stole it and put it up as an album on my facebook account.

It's really very easy and the results are satisfying. Those of you who are friended shouldn't have a problem checking out the images. Tell me if you do and I'll post them to lj. It was loads of fun to do and I've been posting other people's results. I would love to see what  you can do!
Allison Hershey did this one. l
Allison Hershey did this luscious swirling vat of chocolate!
Cookies in 3d Max Cookie Texture map for polygon model.
I modeled the plate of cookies in 3d Max. Right is the actual actual texture map used to dress the polygons.

Pointing at Art and Artists...

Spirit of Vengeance
by `hibbary on deviantARTe

I thought I would start sharing some of the pictures from my 'Favorites' at Deviant Art. If any of you check out their images, please leave a note to tell them how much you enjoyed their work.

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